Quality Windscreen Repairs Services

Are you looking for professional windscreen repairs services? Hi-Tec Windscreens is an expert at car windscreen repairs for chips and cracks. Our technicians can restore your vehicle’s windscreen if it gets damaged. Windscreens do not always require replacement. We follow a ‘repair first’ approach where we try and repair a chip or crack instead of replacing it.

Small chips can transform into bigger cracks sooner than you think. Repairing the windshield at the earliest will save you both time and money. Our team will quickly assess your windscreen to determine whether the crack or chip is repairable and save you valuable time.

Windscreen Chip Repairs

Minor damages like windscreen chips are repairable. We use advanced car glass repair systems to restore your vehicle’s windshield.

  • Our technicians will first clean the chipped or cracked area to remove all glass fragments and dust
  • A hole will be drilled in the cracked area
  • Specially designed adhesive will be injected into the lamination layer of the glass
  • The adhesive is then left to dry
  • Ultraviolet light is used to speed up the curing process
Windscreen Repairs & Re-seals in South East Melbourne

Windscreen Scratch Repairs

Our windscreen scratch repair services tackle wiper, ice scraper and graffiti scratches. A scratched windscreen is a cosmetic issue that can obstruct your line of vision. Scratches can deteriorate the windscreen and cause a crack.

Windscreen scratches are generally caused due to wiper blades slanting off the windscreen. These scratched arcs are also caused due to hard objects. You must not use a polish or electric buffer to repair the scratch. This may lead to more micro scratches which will eventually lead to cracks in the windscreen. Repairing a windshield with a DIY met