Professional Windscreen Chip and Crack Repairs Services

Your vehicle is in optimal working condition only when all the necessary repairs are done. This includes your car windscreen, which is often ignored by many car owners. It can get damaged due to many reasons. A stone might have fallen on your vehicle, a tree branch might have hit, or a minor accident. Regardless of how it got damaged, it is important to get it fixed immediately after. Immediate repairs will not only save you time but also money from more expensive repairs down the line.

Hi-Tec Windscreens provides emergency mobile windscreen chip repairs services. We have a fully equipped mobile team at your disposal on short notice. You have to give us a few important details related to your vehicle and we will be at a place that is convenient for you in the shortest possible time. We will perform a quick windscreen repairs and get you on your way. Our team can perform both windscreen chip repairs and windscreen crack repairs. They will also provide you with free windscreen saver patches to prevent contamination when you come across a chip or crack in the future.

Windscreen chip repairs in South East Melbourne

How Do Our Experts Repair Your Windscreen Crack?

Hi-Tec Windscreens is your go-to place for all kinds of windscreen repairs and replacements. We have expert technicians with years of experience repairing cracked and shattered windscreens of vehicles. Our windscreen stone chip repaird process includes the following steps.

  • Inspecting chips and cracks
    Our technicians will completely assess your auto glass damage. We check if the windscreen chip or crack affects the driver’s line of sight. After that, the crack or chip is checked to determine if a windscreen chip repairs is required or a replacement is needed.
  • Cleaning
    We remove chips and other glass particles from the cracked area to prevent the cracks from spreading. We use low-speed drills to make sure that the damage caused by the crack is contained.
  • Resin application
    We begin the restoration process by applying high-quality resin. Resin is applied in small quantities to aid uniform spreading. An injector is used to fill the resin into the chip or cracks. We repeat the process twice or thrice to ensure that the air is sucked out and the gaps are filled.
  • Curing
    A pit fill resin is then applied and a transparent curing film is used to seal the cracks. During the curing process, resin transforms from a liquid to a solid form.
  • Resurfacing and polishing
    A sharp blade is used to remove the overflowing resin. A pit fill polish is applied over the resin to smooth the surface of your windscreen. This polish will clear the scratch marks and make the glass surface look brand new.

Why Choose Hi-Tec Windscreens?

At Hi-Tec windscreens, no job is too big or small for us. We use only the best quality tools and equipment to repair your vehicle’s windshield. All of our windscreen crack repair and replacement services are provided at your convenience. Additionally, our windshield stone chip repair cost is reasonable and sprocket-friendly. Here are a few more benefits you can enjoy when you choose us.

  • Honest advice on windscreen damage repair and replacement
  • Precise workmanship
  • Certified and trained technicians
  • Constant improvement and innovation
  • Quick and convenient service
  • Utmost customer satisfaction

If you require affordable car windscreen stone chip repairs service, do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0418 561 525 to know more about our services or discuss your requirements.